Saturday, July 14, 2007

Notes from "How To Be An Author" with Matt Beam

Author Matt Beam started writing fiction nine years ago. When he began he knew nothing about the craft, the life, what it was to be an author. Now, with 3 published young adult novels under his belt, Matt is guided by two harrowing, intangible, and yet somehow comforting concepts: the trajectory, like that of a global warming chart, is steep and treacherous, even when it momentarily isn’t, and each author’s path is his/her own.

Never straying too far from these two concepts, Matt provided eleven things to remember about being a writer:

1. You are never as bad or brilliant as you think you are.
2. There is no such thing as writer’s block.
3. You should be both open and arrogant.
4. The path is always up, even when it momentarily isn’t.
5. Accept and respect who you are as a writer.
6. Don't expect pats on the back, but enjoy them when they come.
7. Don't google yourself – it’s the crack cocaine of authorship.
8. Someone will hate your work, someone will love it.
9. Don’t read your reviews. (Yeah, right.)
10. Don’t quit your day job.
11. #@%* everyone! (Even those who love your work.)


MATT BEAM is an author, a freelance journalist, an abstract photographer and a teacher. He has written 3 young adult novels: Earth To Nathan Blue, Can You Spell Revolution? and Getting to First Base with Danalda Chase. He has written articles for the Toronto Star, the National Post, and Toronto Life. Matt has taught in various capacities in New Zealand, Fiji, Guatemala, Vancouver and Toronto. He now lives in Leslieville with his partner, Lorraine, and their two cats, Fera and Mink.

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Meghan said...

Trying to say this without sounding ignorant-Don't #1 and #3 contradict each other? How can you be arrogant if you're trying to keep in mind that you're never as brillant as you think you are?